e-Lab is an online platform designed to help Expert App owners through education, inspiration and resources.

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A blueprint designed by Expert Apps founders, private live group sessions and exclusive content from Expert Apps success stories.


Network with other Expert Apps customers who are on the same journey, learn from them and collaborate together.


Discounts to our top brands, heaps of resources and templates that you can use and instantly plug in to get results.

Have you ever experienced any of these?

  • You just don't UNDERSTAND apps and why they're so powerful.
  • You love creating content but are struggling to get EYES to see it.
  • You don't have TIME to learn how to create an app, as well as actually do it.
  • You're not sure where to start and what to PRIORITISE for your app.
  • You don't understand how you will make MONEY off your app.
  • It's hard to stay MOTIVATED when you're not growing at the speed you want to.

Then you're in the right place...

We created e-Lab, because it's what people just like you need!

We fully understand what it’s like to not feel supported and we really know how challenging it can be to stay motivated. It can be hard to balance building your app and growing your business too. 

Therefore, we compiled our journey into a roadmap and broke it down into steps to help you get crystal clear on:

A Step by Step Plan To Guide You

Identifying Your Audience

How to Optimise Your App

Building Your Community

How To Implement The Strategy

Growing Your Business Parallel

Going All In On Your App At The Right Time

Building or Involving Your Team

How e-Lab Works For You

An Exclusive Playbook

We have curated what we’ve learned over the past few years into a step by step road map for you to follow.

Whether you’re starting with the foundations and building your community or you want to learn about automation that help you scale and grow your business. 

We’ve got you covered!

Group Training Sessions

At least twice a month, we’ll be hosting private live sessions with Both Expert Apps Founders inside Lab.

We’re here to help you implement what you’ve learned.

e-Lab+ (More Resources)

This is where you get continued support, education and monthly actionable blue print strategies. You also get exclusive master classes with Expert Apps founders.

The community brings together their knowledge to level the playing field and encourage collaboration over competition.