Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 03 June 2020

Appstermind, In App Video Interaction and Cloning Data

Each one of our clinics covers the latest developments with the business and the latest features designed to help push your brand forwards.

Cloning: Cloning: Cloning:

As a response to our existing client and customer feedback we’ve addressed some issues regarding cloning.

These improvements are all designed to make setting up and improving your app more efficient and allow you to replicate processes rather than repeating them or starting from scratch.

  1. When setting up your app content you now have the ability to clone plans and the content within them too.
  2. You can also do this with automated sequences (programs that allow you to set up a personalised content delivery schedule for each one of your customers)
  3. Tiles can also be cloned

You can also add tiles to content pages now; this lets you add quick links and shortcuts to other tiles.

Tiles Pro New Feature:

Within Tiles Pro you can now create tiles instantly from templates and duplicate it as many times as you like rather than setting it up from scratch each time. This is a great time saver and increases your efficiency of production. Saving you both time and resources.

Facing Up to Change:

After a client request, we’re looking at adding facial recognition to the app. This is something we’re working on as we speak and we’ll keep you updated with the progress.

Zoom’in Ahead:

We’re also working on integration with Zoom in order to embed their technology into your apps. This will enable you to run every aspect of a Zoom call from within your app.

This is an exciting development hopefully going live in the next few weeks (I imagine things at Zoom are pretty hectic at the moment so hopefully they’ll approve us within our timeframes!)

In App Video Interaction:

We’re busy developing the next step up from ‘App TV’ (the ability to beam your live video straight onto your TV.)

This will allow you to beam video on a Smart TV (or one with a Firestick) whilst simultaneously interacting with the in-app video on your phone.

The whole development team are pushing the limitations of technology as usual – it could be a game changer!


Unfortunately, with the current situation ongoing, we’re unable to hold our Appstermind event at a physical location. We are definitely going to hold it remotely online though.

It promises to be an event absolutely jam-packed with valuable insights, demos, tactics, strategies and live app content training, all designed to get your app flying!

If there’s anything you’d like us to cover then let us know.

The whole team is working to come up with the best solution to enable us to deliver this live to as many of app owners as possible.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the live event, we’ll record it all so you can catch up when you have the time!

Form Element Fields:

All data is now saved. We’re also looking at adding a field that allows you to use recall data to use in your content creation and personalised messaging.

Privacy Policies Updated:

We’ve updated the age limitations of our app technology so that we can now allow client content aimed at 4 years and upwards rather than 13+. This has taken a lot of hard work to accomplish but we believe the flexibility and opportunities it provides to increase target audiences has made it worthwhile!

The E-Lab:

We’re updating the layout and the content to make it even more user friendly. You’re here already so what do you think? It’s our intention to make this as helpful to you as possible to by providing video and text based tutorials to guide you through your app creation journey.

Our interactive app technology continues to grow, innovate and adapt. We hope you’ll keep using it to turbocharge your business growth and future proof your brand.

If you want to get started on your brand app journey visit our main site at

The Clinics are held every Wednesday at 2pm and usually last about 30 minutes or so depending on the Q&A’s at the end of each one. We’d love to see you next week if you can make it.

Next weeks topics include: Beta Admin Layouts, Video Speed Improvements and COPPA Compliance. Read all about it now!

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