Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 11th November 2020

Holograms for Everyone, Provisional Appstermind Dates and New Skin in the Game

It was great to see everyone at the clinic today after our week off (just from the clinic and not from the hard graft obviously!)

We’ve been busy, busy. Active and flying at the moment as we take on more clients and loving every minute of working with everyone to help their growth plans!

It’s great to have a focus on looking forward to the new bigger and better apps and features we’ll be sharing with everyone in 2021.

Anyway, let’s crack on

Quarterly Meeting:

As you know last week, we had our quarterly review meeting where we all sit down and discuss the success of our previous quarter objectives and nail down a lot of exciting plans and ideas for the upcoming quarter.

We’ll be sharing a lot of this stuff we discussed over the coming weeks and months.

Unfortunately, Darren’s hologram phone didn’t make it into the latest plans….one day soon it will!

Questions and Answers about the Clinic:

One of the big things we talked about was the future direction of the clinic to make it as good as it can be for everyone who wants to benefit from our interaction and updates.

We’ve put together a quick survey that we’d really appreciate you taking a few minutes to look at and answer. It’ll help us get a much clearer idea of what the best way is for us to go forwards together.

Clinic time and day survey: Click here!

Our initial thoughts were to change the 2pm Wednesday clinic to more of a structured Q&A session and then have a longer version of the clinic on the last Thursday of each month at 7pm. These will be live and interactive and we’ll be able to deliver ‘proof not promises!”

Let us know what you think!

Preliminary v Provisional:

We’re excited to share that we’ve booked in a preliminary (say it properly Liam!) date for our next Appstermind in January of 2021.

The thought of getting the event up and running again – albeit as a virtual version – has got us all really excited and we can’t wait to blow you away with the event.

It’ll be 100% Zoom based with break out rooms, interactive sessions, demonstrations and loads of other stuff that’ll get you excited and engaged on the day!

Hopefully this will give everyone something to look forward to in the New Year!

Kay Bomb:

Kay jumped in at this point and frightened the virtual life out of me! Check out the replay from behind a cushion if you scare easily!! Ha ha!

New Skin in the Game:

In the next few days, we’re looking to roll out the new desktop skin, which looks amazing and we know you and your clients are going to just love it! The significant upgrades will really help your business create an amazing impression on your new and existing users and customers.

We’ve also got the share module up and ready to roll – we’ll share that with you next week when we should be able to show it to you live!

Zoom Clinic Replay:

Now we’re recording all the clinics on Zoom here’s the link to replay if you didn’t catch it first time round or want to watch it again!

Link: Clinic Replay

Passcode: eYB^QW81

To check out the last clinic from a couple of weeks ago check out the link below.

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