Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 12th August 2020

2 Heads are Hairier than 1, Sharing Buttons and Review Requests

Liam joined Darren in the clinic this week – in a socially distanced landscape mode obviously!

Liam will be getting more involved in the clinics moving forwards and even running his own sessions as he’s much more involved in the day to day nitty gritty now after a few weeks with us. He’ll continue to offer you his amazing help and feedback so be sure to reach out if you need him.

Remember you can catch the replay at anytime in the Clinics area of our app. It’s up and ready, already!

Let’s crack on with the updates for this week.

Sharing Buttons:

We’re working hard on implementing and improving the share buttons. This will allow you to share tiles, pages and content across the various social media networks. A great growth tactic to have in your arsenal when sharing your message and growing your brand.

Can we Fix it? Yes, we can!


After some feedback with issues with notifications not showing when social posts where being posted we’ve identified why that was happening and sorted it. Initially the notifications were only showing on one device. It’s now sorted so that the notifications will show across all mobile devices that you’re connected to.

Media Library:

The media library has been upgraded. You can now access your new and historical images and videos a lot more efficiently and with very little processing time.

Dance Live: Success Shout Out!

It’s amazing for us to see and share in the success of one of our app partners.  Dance Live has now welcomed over 800 users into just one of their many Dance Schools apps! Amazing stuff and there’s thousands more users within the other dance schools using the technology too!

We absolutely love to see this massive growth through our technology platform. The hard work and commitment from the Dance Live team has really paid off! We’re so proud of you guys!

It also proves how strong and reliable our technology is! It vindicates completely that the investment we made in our infrastructure early on, is really paying off!

We can clearly handle the large volumes of users and when this backed up by our outstanding service, support and performance we believe we offer a really amazing value proposition!

Review Requests:

At the moment we’re grateful to be getting some really positive reviews from our app partners. The public perception, brand recognition and trust that comes from really positive comments on the big review sites helps us to realise that our mission to helping businesses around the world is really worthwhile.

Beta Testers Up and Running:

The beta testing of the soon to be released desktop version is going really well. Liam has already been getting some great feedback so thanks for that. Keep all your comments coming – both good and bad – the more tweaking we do the better it gets!

We wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to Mark at this point for all his tireless development work with the Desktop version – without him it just wouldn’t have been possible!

Everyone else who has volunteered to be a beta tester you should be getting your specific links through over the next couple of days. Each app is unique so we have to set each link up separately at our end and make sure we get it just right!

See you next week!

The Help facility on the Expert Apps website (bottom right hand corner of all the pages) can help with answering a lot of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If we don’t have an answer for you there and then we’ll give you more ways to contact us so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

We hope these updates give you great value and allow us to give a valuable insight into what we’re doing as a business to help you as much as we can.

If you have anything that you’d like more clarity on or a particular subject you’d like Darren or Liam to talk about at the next clinic then just let us know.

The Clinics are held every Wednesday at 2pm and usually last about 30 minutes or so depending on the Q&A’s at the end of each one. Make a date in your diary and we’ll see you then!

Check out last weeks clinic if you missed it…

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