Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 17 June 2020

Data Recall, Amazon Super Servers and Laser Targeted Content

There’s been some really exciting developments this week. Some of the concepts might seem a bit complex so be sure to check the clinic replay out if you get the chance.

You can watch the replays anytime in the app in the Support-Clinics area on the main Expert Apps platform. I’ve already uploaded this week’s clinic!

Serving with a Bigger and Better Server:

As we continue to increase our customer base our technology and infrastructure is growing with it.

Our security systems are constantly improving and we’re quick to deal with any minor tweaks that will only strengthen our systems and stability even more going forwards.

The app performance in general is already showing the benefits of the new server – faster video speeds are a great plus for everyone!

Recall Data:

Recall Data is now live.

This innovative feature allows you to use previously entered data and “recall” it to help personalise your communications, videos and other content.

There will be a video tutorial very soon to explain this amazing new capability. Before then, I’ll quickly give you an example of how it could be used:

Say you were running a wellness or weight loss coaching business:

On Day 1 you could ask:

What’s your ideal weight? To which the user may enter 12 stone

Your user enters their information and your app automatically remembers this data for the individual user.

At a later date, on a further communication to the same user you can ask them questions based on the answers they have given previously.

How’s your journey going to achieving your ideal weight of 12 stone. How can I help further?

It presents you not only with valuable data but also with an incredibly powerful and personalised way to communicate and engage with each and every individual. It shows you care when you can base interaction and feedback on personal data, feelings or even opinions.

Your content and messaging will be laser targeted!

You can use this in a load of different ways such as surveys, feedback, applications and loads more stuff that you may already be thinking about.

Can you already see what a game changing tool this can be for your business? Even better it can all be automated to serve your customers 24/7!

This is powerful, positive customer and relationship tracking. It’s available to Tiles Pro users NOW!

*We’re also working on ‘Recall Tiles’ too – another great tool to help your app development

Same Time Next Week…

Are you ready to use our our technology to drive your business forwards?

You can get started for FREE today. No risk, no commitment.

We hope these updates give you great value and allow us to give a valuable insight into what we’re doing as a business to help you as much as we can.

The Clinics are held every Wednesday at 2pm and usually last about 30 minutes or so depending on the Q&A’s at the end of each one. We’d love to see you next week if you can make it.

Last week we learnt all about the latest updates about Beta Admin Layouts, Video Speed Improvements and COPPA Compliance. To learn more you can read it here

Next weeks summary has a massive reveal….it’s going to be a game changer!

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