Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 18th November 2020

Turning Plugs into Hard Drives, Subscription Goldmines and bringing back the Drachma!

Thanks for coming along to the clinic today. If you managed to attend the live session, I think you’ll agree that the new concept went down really well.

There were loads of questions and interactions with the live demo and screen share and we really appreciate all the input!

I usually use the email to give a recap of the clinic but I think that because this weeks’ session was very much centred around the live demo, all about the power of subscriptions, then it would be massively beneficial for everyone to watch the recording.

Check out the links below on Vimeo!

Part 1

Part 2

As a quick synopsis, Darren and Liam went through how to set up the subscriptions features on you app.

Subscriptions are an immensely powerful and effective way to monetise your app. They are really important drivers of creating growth and long-term sustainability for your brand and business.

It’s important to really think about how such a model could work well to attract, engage and retain your audience and future clients. Think differently and think big!

It’s always important to deliver value. Especially at the moment when people are looking for support, for guidance and to share common interests and experiences in an online community setting. This is where the power of the subscription model really comes into its own.

If you pair great, high value content with a persuasive and attractive call to action your app can quickly grow a lucrative and healthy subscription revenue stream.

The live session went through the step by step processes for:

  • Setting up subscriptions
  • Setting up one off payments
  • Integrating payment providers
  • In app purchases and payments Do’s and Don’t’s

And much more. Darren covered some really important information about in app payments and how best to utilise these to ensure your app is put in front of the massive potential audiences in the Apple and Google app stores.

Liam also ran through how you can utilise Zoom integration to set up and generate meetings within the app. It’s important to remember that you’ll need a Zoom business account to take advantage of this feature; it won’t work with the free version.

Any Other Business:

We’ll have a live tour of the new desktop skin next week. We’re working hard on giving you the option to toggle between the 2019 and 2020 versions to give you the option if you prefer the older version.

We’d suggest you use the upgraded version but ultimately, it’s your choice!

Design Packages Still Available:

We’re still offering our design packages to our new and existing customers. First impressions are incredibly important – especially in the online and mobile world. If the first thought a new customer has about your app is “Wow,” then that’s a massive step in the right direction for building a long-term relationship.

If you’d like to know more about the design packages or to see some great examples of the stuff our team have produced so far then get in touch!

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