Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 25th November 2020

Birthday Boy Absence, ASO and Simple Sums Made Difficult

Thanks for coming along to the clinic today. Birthday boy Darren was nowhere to be seen so Liam was flying solo, with the assistance of Paul Aylett too! (thanks, Paul!)

If you missed the clinic and want to catch the replay here’s the link. Loads of great content in here as usual so it’s well worth a watch!

Link: Clinic Replay

Passcode: Q^73wF%8

Leaving 2019 Behind!?

The first demo we covered today was how to quickly an easily toggle between the 2 skins of the desktop design. It’s really simple – check out the replay. Special guest, Paul took the controls!

Twenty Nineteen is the older version and Twenty Twenty is the newer version, ready just in time for the end of 2020! Ha ha!

We really recommend that you switch to the newer version as it’s looks great and we’ve designed it to fit the app designs better and also to be a lot faster – and we all know how important a fast and reliable app is to consumers!

We’d love to hear your feedback and the feedback from your customers about the new design.

Automated Sequences Demo:

Paul handed the reins back to Liam and he ran through how you can set up an automated sequence within your app.

We may have talked about automated sequences once or twice before (!) but we’ve added even more advanced rules and features now so you can really benefit from their awesome power!

The interface is a lot more user friendly now too, so hopefully the simplicity will really help all you guys create some amazing sequences to engage your customers.

The Apple Falls out of the Money Tree:

We spoke briefly last week about the potential of Apple and Google reducing their commission structures for in app purchases.

As if by magic, Apple have announced that from January of 2021 they’ll be dropping their commission from 30% to 15%. It’s likely that Google will follow suit but there haven’t been any official announcements on that just yet. (see the replay for a quick Maths lesson from Liam!!)

With this in mind we encourage everyone to try and keep purchases within your app and not direct users away to your website to make payments. Keeping Apple and Google happy will have much more sustainable long-term benefits!

Every Little Helps:

A few more things this week that can help you make the most of opportunities that exist out there to promote your app.

You can now add a link on your Facebook page to direct users to your app (assuming they’re on a mobile device) this is a great new (free!) way to cross promote your brand and services and encourage potential users onto your app.

You’ll have also seen in the live clinic that Liam was offering to send over Google and App Store buttons that you can add to your website. Another great way to drive user engagement to your app from your existing website.

Just drop us a message if you’d like the buttons sending over.

ASO added to Design Packs:

ASO or App store optimisation is like SEO for mobiles! If you get it right it can have great benefits to your ranking and visibility in the app stores.

We’ve just added some extra value into the design packs that are all about increasing your professional impression in the app stores.

We’ll now help you with the front page screen-shots, your app store previews and descriptions.

All powerful stuff that makes you more relevant and transparent. It allows you to add a really high quality ‘snapshot’ of your app and being able to create “your story” behind your app really helps add a personalised touch too.

Click, Click, Click:

Web designers have long been advocates of the 3 click rule! Never bury or hide your content more than 3 clicks away from being found. This also stands true for your app content. Everything should only be a maximum of 3 clicks away. It’s good practice to start using this principle straight away and it will enhance your user experience – which is what we all want!

2021 is Coming up Fast:

It’s been “Christmas” for a few weeks already and when that’s eventually been and gone, we’ll be knocking on the door of 2021!

So, a few things to look forward to from us:

  • The ability to set up a shop/store within your app and sell products within it
  • A new, all-singing, all dancing (yikes!) ‘Mega Event Clinic’ at the end of every month
  • Appstermind: A mixed event that will (fingers crossed) allow us to hold an in person as well as a virtual version.

Exciting stuff to come and more and more ways to grow your brand and business with us in 2021. We’re really looking forward to carrying on our journey together.

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