Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 28th October 2020

The Virtual Future, App Terminology and Unleashing Darren to his Neighbours!

Being More Clinical with the Clinic:

At the quarterly meeting next week, we plan on having a discussion about the best way to move forwards with the clinic. We definitely plan on doing more to raise the awareness so we can boost the attendance and we’ll hopefully be able to encourage more interaction to make them more fun and well as more helpful and informative.

If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions make sure to fire them over before next week!

Eats Shoots and Leaves:

We wanted to remind everyone to be careful about the terminology that you use in your app, your communication and your content. Essentially, it’s just really about being sensible and respectful.

This isn’t us slapping anyone’s wrists but it’s definitely important to always ensure that your app is inclusive and accessible to all your users (and potential users)

We’ll obviously help and advise you with this as best we can but it’s always best to get yourself into the mindset of using the correct practices early on so you don’t have to potentially go back and fix things at a later date.

Pepsi v Coke:

On the desktop version of the app you should soon (by the end of next week) have the ability to toggle between the 2019 and 2020 version. 2019 is the legacy view and the new version is the 2020 one. You decide!

The ability to share modules should also be integrated and rolled out into everyone’s app by this time next week. A great new feature for sharing your app and its content quickly and easily.

The Power of Tony Robbins:

Darren mentioned last week that he was attending a virtual event, UPW, that was held over 4, 14-hour days with Tony Robbins and his team.

It’s encouraging that Darren seems to have learnt a massive amount from the event and it’s exciting to know that a lot of what he’s discovered will be integrated into the future of Expert Apps and also into Appstermind.

It’s definitely worth watching the replay of the clinic where Darren shares some brief insights of the marathon event!

One of the big things that he picked up on was the fact that the future of events is going to have a very strong virtual influence. Reach, inclusion and engagement will all have the potential to skyrocket when virtual events are done professionally and done right.

Technology is powering the future and the future is powering technology!

This is your time to be the best you can with your app and your business brand. In order to stand out and dominate your industry you need to be different, be better, be more interactive. Level up and share the best version of yourself!

The Expert Apps platform and technology is your perfect partner in creating your future!

In the very early thoughts going into the Appstermind planning we’re hoping to include break out rooms, screen sharing teaching, live training workshops and interactive sessions.

We’ll share more with you after our quarterly meeting!

Developments with Developing Developers:

We are so busy at the moment (good busy!) and we’re in the final stages of taking some more people on board to join the development team.

This will help us to be bigger, better and more efficient. We take time to pick the right people because we want you to be confident that everyone that we take on board is committed to making Expert Apps and all our partners massively successful.

Zoom Clinic Replay:

Now we’re recording all the clinics on Zoom here’s the link to replay if you didn’t catch it first time round or want to watch it again!

Link: Clinic Replay

Passcode: 4p@7v$tM

See you all the week after next:

Due to our quarterly meeting there won’t be a live clinic next week. We may pre-record one with any important updates and we’ll let you know when you’ll be able to watch this via email!

We’ll be back to normal on the 11th October.

The Help facility on the Expert Apps website (bottom right-hand corner of all the pages) can help with answering a lot of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If we don’t have an answer for you there and then we’ll give you more ways to contact us so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

If you love something tell us – if you hate something tell us that too! Hit reply and spill the beans!

We hope these updates give you great value and allow us to give a valuable insight into what we’re doing as a business to help you as much as we can.

If you have anything that you’d like more clarity on, or a particular subject you’d like us to talk about at the next clinic then just let us know.

The Clinics are held every Wednesday at 2pm and usually last about 30 minutes or so depending on how much news we have to share with everyone. We look forward to seeing you next time.

If you missed last weeks write up, catch up below!

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