Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 30th September 2020

Why Size Matters, The Helpful Panda and Turning things off and on again!

Good to see everyone at the clinic today. We had a bit of a different slant on things today with Liam giving a quick masterclass all about App optimisation Tips.

These 6 quick hints and tips will help improve your app experience for your users as well as making things easier and more efficient for you too!

Let’s crack on

3 Clicks and You’re Out!

When you’re organising your app content make sure that nothing is more than 3 clicks away. If you have some great content, links or an action you’d like a user to take don’t hide it away in the bowels of your app. More it accessible and make it easy to find. If a user can’t find your golden content, they won’t ever know it exists!

Size Matters!

Massive images will slow a website down and they’ll also do the same thing for you app. You may well have the greatest image in the world but if it’s 20MB then the world may well have ended by the time it downloads!

Optimise and compress any images that are over 500KB and even if they’re under 500KB it’s worth running them through some software to decrease their size.

It’s really easy to do this online. These are 2 great sites that’ll do just that for you….one of them even has a cute panda on staff!

Compressjpg and TinyPNG

They’re both quick, free and easy! 3 words that mean you’ve got no excuses not to optimise your images!

Talking about Images….

We also need to make sure that the tile pixel scaling is tip top too.

Depending on the size of tiles you’ve chosen you need to use images that are either:

400 x 300 pixels or 400 x 200 pixels

Use 400 x 300 pixels if you are using the column layout which is 2 tiles per row

Use 400 x 200 pixels if you are using the long layout which is 1  tile per row.

When you do this, it will ensure that your images don’t looked stretched or warped on your app.

Taking out the Trash:

Cut the clutter from your app content. If your content doesn’t serve a purpose then you don’t need it. Remember how earlier we mentioned about the 3 clicks? Having too many sub tiles has a similar effect.

We’d recommend that you don’t have more than 8 sub tiles as the majority of users just won’t keep scrolling for that long. Keep your content concise and precise and delivering on your value promises.

Pull in your Users with a Push

When new users download your app try and ensure that they turn on push notifications. If you have a welcome message or video set up perhaps even consider mentioning it again in that as a reminder

It’s a massively important part of your app to ensure message deliverability and that you’re able to be as efficient as possible with your user communication.

Turn it off and Back on Again

Technology has come a long way in the last 10 or 20 years but sometimes the simple solutions will stand the test of time.

If you’re having any issues with your app then often closing it down and restarting will solve the problem. This is often needed after an update or security update so always try this first.

As a last resort you can delete and re-install the app.

If the last resort doesn’t help then that’s the point where Liam’s virtual door is always open! Don’t be shy of dropping him a WhatsApp message or email and he’ll rescue you!

There you have it. 6 quick tips for increasing your app performance.

Nothing too complicated or complex and pretty easy to action.

If you don’t quite understand any of the suggestions then feel free to reach out or watch the replay if things weren’t 100% clear. If you need a quick video on any of the points covered would help, we can sort that for you too and get it in the e-Lab for everyone.

Just let us know!

See you next week!

We’ll be back at EA HQ next week and have some new features to reveal. Some of our releases in the past have been limited to a few members but we want to make sure when we announce and launch stuff that it’s available to everyone straight away.

The Help facility on the Expert Apps website (bottom right hand corner of all the pages) can help with answering a lot of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If we don’t have an answer for you there and then we’ll give you more ways to contact us so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

If you love something tell us – if you hate something tell us that too! Hit reply and spill the beans!

We hope these updates give you great value and allow us to give a valuable insight into what we’re doing as a business to help you as much as we can.

If you have anything that you’d like more clarity on, or a particular subject you’d like Darren or Liam to talk about at the next clinic then just let us know.

The Clinics are held every Wednesday at 2pm and usually last about 30 minutes or so depending on how chatty Darren is feeling. Make a date in your diary and we’ll see you then!

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