Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 7th October 2020

Stripe Integration, Solving Issues Quickly and Life’s Like a box of Chocolates

Spot the Stripe:

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve now successfully integrated Stripe into our systems as an additional payment option to offer your app users.

Stripe is an increasingly popular payment processor that has global reach and it’s always an advantage to offer your users and customers may payment options. It can be used for both multiple and one-off payments.

At the moment you can only offer initial discounted pricing with the PayPal option, but this may well change to include Stripe in the near future.

Liam has been working on a quick video on Stripe that we’ll have up in the lab very soon!

Knock 3 Times:

The whole team here at Expert App HQ are constantly working hard to help and assist everyone with any issues. For a while now we’ve been developing a “working smarter’ assistance system that will allow both us – and more importantly YOU! – to get your problems and issues addressed quickly!

We’re introducing a ticketing system, that we’re sure many of you are already familiar with, that will help us and our support and development team to prioritise your issues and get then sorted as promptly as possible.

It’ll help us to streamline everything – which is always a great step forward for everyone!

Whilst we’re in problem solving mode, if you do have any issues it’s always massively helpful to us if you can take a screen record of your exact issue – it really helps us to recognise and solve problem quicker.

Liam just showed a quick demo of how to screen record on an iPhone so check out the replay if you’re unsure. Surprisingly enough Liam will be putting a quick video up in the Lab too.

Tile Ratios:

Remember when you did ratios at school? No, I don’t either, but fast forward a few years (or decades Ha ha!) and we’ve added a few more aspect ratios for your tile designs.

17:10 and 5:6

Here’s a a visual picture of what the 17:10 ratio is like and how it could look with your designs.

Looking for Double D’s:

Designers and developers! What did you think we meant?

As we grow, we’re starting to look for some really top-notch designers and developers to help us continue on our journey forwards.

If you’re a designer or developer or know anyone who you feel would fit in with our plans and visions for the future then feel free to drop us a line and we can have a chat.

Life’s Like a Box of Chocolates:

You’ll have noticed that Liam has pretty much taken over as the face of the clinic over the past few weeks and Darren has taken more of a back seat.

This is because Darren is working more from home now and concentrating on some more corporate contracts and isn’t as involved in the day to day at HQ anymore.

Obviously, he’s still contactable AND in all fairness do you really think he’d lose touch with what’s going on!! And he still agreed to do a demo call for a prospective new client on the clinic call so you can’t get rid of him that easily!

As he is now out of the office please ensure that any “corporate gifts” are sent directly to the office for his attention and we’ll ensure that they pass the stringent taste and safety tests before forwarding them on to him….

Darren then freestyled for the remainder of the clinic, if you’d like to share the contents of his busy brain then check out the replay!!

See you next week!

The Help facility on the Expert Apps website (bottom right-hand corner of all the pages) can help with answering a lot of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If we don’t have an answer for you there and then we’ll give you more ways to contact us so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

If you love something tell us – if you hate something tell us that too! Hit reply and spill the beans!

We hope these updates give you great value and allow us to give a valuable insight into what we’re doing as a business to help you as much as we can.

If you have anything that you’d like more clarity on, or a particular subject you’d like Darren or Liam to talk about at the next clinic then just let us know.

The Clinics are held every Wednesday at 2pm and usually last about 30 minutes or so depending on how chatty Darren is feeling. Make a date in your diary and we’ll see you then!

Missed out last week? No problem, have a look at the write up – just click below!

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