Expert Apps Weekly Clinic Summary 9th September 2020

7000 App Icons, Embracing your Virtual Oyster and the Return of Wingdings!

We’ve got a few updates to get through today after a busy and productive week, so let’s crack on…

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words:

We’ve fixed it now so that you can associate actions with images. You’ll be able to do that to help the user experience with both dropdowns and radio boxes for a more visual look and feel!

More Lab Videos:

Liam has had his white coat on and has been producing loads more helpful and instructional videos for the lab. There should be another 6 more advanced helping tutorials in there by close of business today (9th September). Check them, and loads more here: e-Lab

App Images – We’ve got a Few:

As we move the whole Expert Apps technology away from our initial “template” design we’re focused on adding features that will help you really create your own identity and individuality.

 You can now change your app icons and their positioning to give you that unique look and feel that will become associated with you and your brand.

We’ve got over 7000 icons in the library now for you to select from – you can even choose where each icon will take your users.

We’d recommend resisting the temptation to change and update your icons too often as this has the potential to cause confusion and destroy consistency. Take a bit of time to chose the icons that represent you and your brand best and stick with them going forwards!

The Web Version

You might be watching the clinic on the new web version today (it was on the app and the web simultaneously!) and we’re excited to announce that licence holders will be getting their premium and personalised links for their own apps. Check your emails this week for yours.

It’s such a powerful way to share your app and sky rocket your brand identity, we know you’re going to love it!


Another word that Darren loves to pronounce in his own unique way! We’ve made a few changes to allow you to easily find individuals to assign to different subscription levels.

You can also make multiple selections now too rather than searching for individuals and assigning rules and subscriptions to one person at a time.

Liam has made a video for this too! Give that man a camera and the magic happens!

It’s About You Being You:

As we mentioned a bit earlier, we’ve evolved a lot from the early days of Expert Apps. Our early template model was very much designed for ease of use and a consistency of use that made it simple and easy for everyone to get stuff done quickly and easily.

As time changes, our technology improves and our customer numbers increase we realise we need to let everyone spread their creative wings a bit more and differentiate themselves as a brand.

One of the big factors you’ll see running through a lot of our developments over the coming months is increasing the ability to “be different” and to stand out with the flexibility and freedom of customisation.

To kick things off you can now customise your higher-level fonts (the H1, H2 etc. level headings that you can add to your content and copy). Basically, if it’s a font recognised by Google, you’ll be able to select and use it as we add more to the selection.

The time has come for Wingdings to make a comeback!!

Switch on/Switch off:

You can also now to chose whether you’d like to switch the shortcut and search bars on or off. It’s a small feature that some people like to have and some people don’t so everyone’s happy!

Powering Forwards Together:

Customisation is all about creating a premium look for your app and now with the added value of being able to serve your customers on the web version too you’re in a great position to really push on and create a long term, sustainable business!

Let us know what else we can do to help! Click reply and tell us 3 things you’d like to see the team here at Expert Apps HQ work on next. No idea is a bad idea (with the possible exception of some of Darren’s shirt choices!) – so share and make us aware.

There’s been no better time to share your message, your brand, your knowledge and your passion with a global audience.

Mobile use continues to grow and more and more global users are accessing the online environment every day.

The world is literally your virtual oyster of opportunity!

Create a 24/7 version of yourself, automate your business systems and envisage how a virtual version of yourself could sky rocket your brand and business forwards.

You have the unique opportunity to attract, engage and absorb new customers at an alarming rate into your app and your online community.

We’re here to help you prosper and succeed and we’ll face all the challenges and opportunities together!

See you next week!

The Help facility on the Expert Apps website (bottom right hand corner of all the pages) can help with answering a lot of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If we don’t have an answer for you there and then we’ll give you more ways to contact us so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

If you love something tell us – if you hate something tell us that too! Hit reply and spill the beans!

We hope these updates give you great value and allow us to give a valuable insight into what we’re doing as a business to help you as much as we can.

If you have anything that you’d like more clarity on, or a particular subject you’d like Darren or Liam to talk about at the next clinic then just let us know.

The Clinics are held every Wednesday at 2pm and usually last about 30 minutes or so depending on how chatty Darren is feeling. Make a date in your diary and we’ll see you then!

If you want to catch up on last weeks clinic too click though below!

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